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About Sean O'Halloran

I studied Fine Art at Bristol and then continued with a Post Graduate degree at the Royal Academy Schools in London. From the early '90s I exhibited widely and my work is held in public and private collections in many countries.

My day job now is at UXB London, a digital strategy consultancy based in Clerkenwell. 

On a holiday to the Ile de Re a few years back, my wife convinced me that I should paint again. Having never attempted a landscape before I battled with the August heat, shifting sunlight, constantly changing scene, intrigued onlookers, wind, thirst and hunger - and thoroughly loved every minute. I was smitten and spent the weeks after returning home in a wistful longing to do more.

Back in the UK I had deadlines to meet, people to see and a business to run. Eventually I began to eek out more time for painting on site, in the landscape - in Italy, Provence and on Dartmoor in Devon, whenever I was away from the world of marketing communications.

During 2009 I began walking my daughter to school from the Highgate side of Hampstead Heath to the Village. If you're a regular walker on the Heath you'll know what an inspiring place it is. If you're not, you should get your boots on and get out there.

It got under my skin and I decided I'd document it's changing views, light and seasons.